6-string Acoustic-electric Nylon-string Guitar, with Walnut Back/Sides, Spruce Top, Mahogany Neck, and Ebony Fretboard
หมายเลขสินค้า : NTX5

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6-string Acoustic-electric Nylon-string Guitar, with Walnut Back/Sides, Spruce Top, Mahogany Neck, and Ebony Fretboard

กีตาร์คลาสสิค Yamaha NTX5 ซีรี่ย์ NX ซึ่งมือกีต้าร์คลาสสิคชื่นชอบในความบางเฉียบของบอดี้ซึ่งมีขนาดแค่ 80-90 มม. เท่านั้นยังไม่พอเพราะรุ่น NTX นั้นจะปรับคอให้เล็กลงเหลือแค่ 48 มม. จากกีต้าร์คลาสสิคปกติที่จะกว้าง 52 มม. อีกด้วย จึงเล่นสบายกว่าเดิมในรูปลักษณ์ที่ดูโมเดิร์น รุ่นนี้จะมีความพิเศษที่ได้ไม้ All Solid ไม้แท้ทั้งตัว ด้านหน้าจะเป็นไม้ยูโรเปี้ยนสปรู๊ซ ด้านข้างและหลังเป็นโซลิดวอลนัท เสียงลงตัวมีมิติ พร้อมภาคไฟฟ้า Atmosfeel แบบฝังในตัวกีต้าร์ ให้เสียงไฟฟ้าเป็นธรรมชาติ งานดี Made in Japan กับแบรนด์ดังที่การันตีคุณภาพ

  • บอดี้ทรง APX คอเว้า
  • ไม้หน้าท็อปโซลิดยูโรเปี้ยนสปรู๊ซ
  • ด้านข้างและหลังเป็นไม้โซลิดวอลนัท
  • คอไม้แอฟริกันมะฮอกกานี
  • ฟิงเกอร์บอร์ดไม้อีโบนี่
  • ลูกบิด 35G1800-BB สีทอง/ดำ
  • ความยาวสเกล 650 มม.
  • บริดจ์อีโบนี่/วอลนัท
  • Nut และ Saddle ทำจากวัสดุยูเรีย กว้าง 48 มม.
  • ปิ๊กอัพ Atmosfeel (อยู่ใต้ Saddle + Contact Sensor + Mic)
  • สี Natural
  • พร้อมกระเป๋า
The top-of-the-line NTX5 acoustic-electric nylon-string guitar’s modern looks and unparalleled amplified sound enable electric guitarists and steel-string players to easily explore the world of nylon-string playing, while strap buttons and the exceptional Atmosfeel pickup system make it especially appealing to performing guitarists.
With its modern looks and comfortable neck shape, the top-of-the-line Yamaha NTX5 acoustic-electric nylon-string guitar makes it easier than ever for electric guitarists and steel-string players to explore the warm sounds of a nylon-string guitar. The NTX5 was designed with professional performing guitarists in mind. It comes gig-ready with strap buttons and the unparalleled Atmosfeel pickup system that maintains the instrument’s superb sound quality even at full performance volumes. The NTX5 acoustic-electric nylon-string guitar is perfect for players who want to expand their sonic palettes, explore new tones and textures and love the way they sound onstage—or anywhere else.
  • Nylon-string guitar advanced Atmosfeel electronics system
  • Narrower nut width and slimmer body than typical nylon-string guitars will appeal to electric and steel-string players
  • Atmosfeel electronics combine three separate transducers to reproduce all of the depth, nuance, and detail of your tone
  • Solid spruce top and solid walnut back/sides will sound even better as they age and settle in
  • Innovative bracing pattern is tuned to these tonewoods and body silhouette for maximum tonal balance and projection
With their sleek single-cutaway body shapes, appealing wood choices, colorful rosette patterns, and tasteful appointments, NX Series guitars are designed for contemporary players seeking the perfect combination of comfort and style.
As a result of precise measurement and experimentation, several refinements were made that enhance low-frequency response without compromising durability. These changes were further refined to emphasize the natural characteristics of specific tonewoods, and optimized for each body silhouette.
Atmosfeel Pickup and Preamp System
The Yamaha Atmosfeel pickup system provides unparalleled amplified sound even at performance-level volumes. An undersaddle piezo pickup with individual string sensors captures only the mid and low-mid frequencies (eliminating the characteristic brittleness of piezo pickups), while a unique synthetic sheet transducer captures the highs, and an internal microphone captures overall body resonance and “airiness.”
Atmosfeel Controls
The simple and intuitive Atmosfeel preamp controls let you blend the microphone sound into the premixed pickup sound.
These simplified controls mean that guitarists are able to dial in the desired settings quickly and without the need to actually look at the controls.
Familiar feel for electric and steel-string players
If you're most comfortable with an electric or steel-string acoustic guitar, picking up a traditional nylon-string guitar can feel rather unforgiving. You'll feel right at home with the Yamaha NTX5, though, thanks to its narrower nut width and slimmer body style. You'll enjoy the sweet sound of nylon strings without having to drastically alter your playing style, and that's an especially big deal when you're changing guitars during a performance.
Atmosfeel electronics ensure first-rate plugged-in tone
The Yamaha NTX5 nylon-string guitar is equipped with Yamaha’s Atmosfeel pickup and preamp system. This innovative system lends a natural, three-dimensional sound to your guitar via a 3-way sensor setup. A piezo under-saddle sensor picks up sound where the strings meet the bridge, while an internal microphone captures the guitar’s internal resonance and a sheet sensor picks up vibrations from its soundboard. A Mic Blend knob enables you to blend the mic signal with the piezo. A Bass EQ knob controls a peaking EQ — the center frequency raises when boosting and lowers when attenuating. You also get a Master Volume control.
Innovative bracing pattern for sonic excellence
While you'll normally never see your guitar's internal bracing, it plays a huge role in dictating how your instrument sounds. The Yamaha NTX5's bracing pattern doesn't have a catchy name, because it's been specifically designed for this body shape, size, and tonewoods. In other words, Yamaha measured and experimented until they found the sweet spot for low-frequency response, projection, and articulation. Guitarists at Sweetwater spend a bit too much time thinking about things like internal bracing structures, and we're impressed with Yamaha's attention to this detail.

Body type: Classical
Cutaway: Single
Top wood: European spruce
Back & sides: Walnut
Body finish: Gloss
Orientation: Right-handed
Nut width: 1.89″
Fingerboard: Ebony
Neck wood: Mahogany
Scale length: 25.56”
Neck finish: Satin
Pickup/preamp: Yes
Brand: Atmosfeel
Tuning machines: Deluxe
Bridge material: Ebony
Saddle & nut: Bone
Finish: Gold
Number of strings: 6
Country of origin: Japan