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70 Watt, 5” Bi-Amplified Studio Monitor - Black / White (Pair / ราคาต่อคู่)
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70 Watt, 5” Bi-Amplified Studio Monitor - Black / White (Pair / ราคาต่อคู่)


The Fluid Audio F5 studio monitor series is the next logical step in the development of the affordable, studio-quality speaker for recording professionals. It’s almost unfair to call it a “budget” monitor because of the many features that set it apart in its class. All of the features have been carefully chosen because they solve problems that many consumers see with speakers found on the market today. Spending the time to the get the Fluid Fader 5 sounding right, we set out to create a monitor that is just as comfortable as your studio mixing workhorse as it is your favorite listening speaker after the session is over. Our aim is to create your next great set of studio monitors, but also a seamless listening experience – and a more Fluid workflow.


Accuracy and Control

Whether you’re tracking, mixing, or just listening to your favorite CD, your monitors are your primary source of reference. Accurate monitors are an invaluable tool in your arsenal of music and video production, so you need some assurance that your mixes will translate well to your audience’s speakers. The Fluid F5 monitors have not only the depth of soundstage and sonic clarity that allow you to hear even the most subtle of reverb trails. The fader control on the front baffle allows you to adjust the volume of the monitor without having to interrupt your workflow to reach behind them.


Advanced Driver Technology

The Fluid Fader 5 monitors feature driver technology that focuses on the details. The composite pulp cones are light and rigid, yet well damped. The coated silk dome tweeters are mounted in such a way to provide a ultra-flat response usable to 22kHz. The built-in waveguide provides the tweeter with wide dispersion and an expansive sweet spot. By pushing the tweeter back slightly, it allows it to be time-aligned with the woofer, resulting in remarkable imaging. Coupled with an optimized front-loaded slot port, the low frequency driver delivers articulate, dynamic bass response – all in an extremely compact footprint.


“Smart” Amplification

The Class A/B bi-amplified design separately drives the low and high frequency drivers – allowing each to work independently and more efficiently. Utilizing an external heat sink on the amplifier keeps the heat outside of the enclosure, which allows both the amps and the drivers to operate at lower temperatures. When speakers are not in being used, an integrated standby function powers down the amplifier to conserve energy. Combined with phase-optimized crossover networks, the drivers blend together, resulting in a coherent soundstage across the entire audio spectrum


  • Bi-amplified design with 70 watts of Class A/B power for coherent and accurate sound reproduction
  • 5” low-frequency drivers with composite paper cones for powerful and dynamic lows
  • 1" treaded silk dome high frequency drivers with integrated waveguide ensure a flat response and wide dispersion
  • Optimized front-loaded slot port for direct radiating low frequency energy
  • Magnetic shielding that eliminates interference with other electronic equipment
  • XLR balanced, 1/4” balanced and RCA unbalanced inputs for connecting mixers, interfaces, instruments, DJ gear, and more
  • Fader Volume control on front baffle for easy access
  • Amplifier Standby mode that powers down the amp when no input signal is detected (shown by front LED changing from blue to red)
  • Includes two isolation pads


  • Frequency response: 49 Hz – 22 kHz
  • Crossover frequency: 2.5 kHz
  • Low-frequency amplifier power: 40 watts
  • High-frequency amplifier power: 30 watts
  • Signal-to-noise: > 100 dB (typical A-weighted)
  • Polarity: Positive signal at + input produces outward LF one displacement
  • Input impedance: 20 k ohms balanced, 10 k ohms unbalanced
  • Input sensitivity: 85 mV pink noise input produces 90dBA output SPL @ one meter with volume control at maximum
  • Power: Factory programmed for either 115V ~50/60 Hz or 230V~50/60 Hz
  • Protection: RF interference, output current limiting, over
  • temperature, turn-on/off transient, subsonic filter,
  • external mains fuse
  • Cabinet: Vinyl-laminated MDF
  • Size (single monitor): 260 x 176 x 195 mm / 10.25 * 6.9 * 7.7 in
  • Weight (single monitor): 5 kg / 11 lbs
  • Package Contents
  • One pair (2) Fluid Audio Fader 5 studio monitors
  • Manual
  • 2 detachable power cables
  • Isolation pads