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High Performance 2+2 Channel DJ Mixer
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High Performance 2+2 Channel DJ Mixer
อนาล็อกดีเจมิกเซอร์ 2+2 แชนแนล Phono/Line พร้อมปุ่ม VCF Faders และ 3-Band EQ ที่จะสามารถปรับย่านเสียง Hi/Mid/Low ได้
High Performance 2+2 Channel DJ Mixer
Xone:23 is a 2+2 channel DJ mixer packed with pro features that would normally be found in the booth of a top-rated club, including an enhanced version of the legendary Xone filter with resonance control, VCA faders, 3 band total kill EQ, illuminated switches, crossfader curve selector and styling inspired by the flagship Xone:DB4.
At the heart of the mixer is the renowned analogue Voltage Control Filter (VCF) system offering Low-Pass and High-Pass filters, frequency sweep and ‘mild to wild’ resonance control. There is also an FX loop to connect to third party FX units, which route back in through the filter system.
The 2 stereo channels feature independent level controls for each input enabling up to four stereo sources to be simultaneously routed to the mix, as well as the dedicated send and return system for external FX.
The main mix output and mic input are on professional standard balanced XLR’s, and there is a dedicated record output. The Xone:23 is equipped with comprehensive monitoring facilities, including a booth output with its own volume control, a cue mix control, and signal levels clearly displayed on the 9 segment peak hold meters. 
Styled on the Xone:DB4, the Xone:23 includes soft touch, backlit controls, light-piped meters and a distinctive new shaped steel faceplate. The mixer can also be upgraded with the latest Innofader for enhanced scratch performance, available as an accessory.

Features :
  • 2+2 channels with dual phono/line inputs
  • VCF Filter system – low-pass + high-pass filters plus frequency and resonance controls
  • 3-band true total kill EQ
  • External FX loop
  • Mic input on balanced XLR, with 2-band EQ
  • Balanced main mix out on XLR
  • Independent booth out
  • Record out
  • 3.5mm and 1/4″ headphone outputs
  • Touring grade build quality
  • Super smooth VCA channel faders
  • User changeable crossfader
  • Innofader compatible
  • Crossfader curve switch
  • 20dB pro standard headroom
  • Ultra low distortion
  • 2mm Steel face plate
  • 9-segment signal level monitoring

Number of Channels : 2 x Stereo
Fader Shutoff : Channel: >-80 dB / Crossfader: >-80 dB
EQ : Channel EQ:Hi/Mid/Low
Built-In Effects : None
Audio Inputs
2 x Stereo RCA Phono Input
2 x Stereo RCA Line Input
1 x Stereo RCA Return Input
1 x XLR 3-Pin Mic Input
Audio Outputs
2 x XLR 3-Pin Balanced Master Output
1 x Stereo RCA Booth Output
1 x Stereo RCA Record Output
1 x Stereo RCA Send Output
1 x 1/4" TRS Headphone Output
1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRS Headphone Output
USB : None
Frequency Response : 10 Hz to 50 kHz
Input Level
7 (Min)
100 mV (Max)
-10 dBu (Min)
+20 dBu (Max)
0 dBu (Min)
+20 dBu (Max)
-42 dBu (Min)
-12 dBu (Max)
Output Level
+4 dBu (Nominal)
+28 dBu (Max)
-2 dBu (Nominal)
+22 dBu (Max)
-2 dBu (Nominal)
+19 dBu (Max)
-2 dBu (Nominal)
+19 dBu (Max)
Headphone Output Power : 200 mW into 30 Ohms (Max)
I/O Impedance
Phono Input:
47 Ohms
Line Input:
20 Kilohms
Return Input:
10 Kilohms
Mic Input:
<2 Kilohms
Master Output:
100 Ohms
Booth Output:
100 Ohms
Record Output:
100 Ohms
Send Output:
100 Ohms
Headphone Output:
1 Ohms
SNR : Master:-85 dBu
THD+N : 0.01%