Conference microphone for the chairman, stem length 50 cm.
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Get in control
          The CS3 CU chairman unit is a microphone station with two operating modes. In priority call mode, the user can manually mute all connected delegate stations. In next in line mode the CS3 CU automatically activates the next delegate station in the waiting list. The station provides a built in speaker and 2 x 3.5 mm stereo jacks to connect headphones for up to two delegates.
         The CS3 CU comes with a robust interface connector, which makes it easy to interchange the stations microphone. The detachable microphone comes in two choices - the CS321 cardioid condenser capsule on a 30 cm long gooseneck and the 50 cm long CS521.
  • Mic stem length 50 cm.
  • Up to 30 conference microphones can be connected in 1 channel.
  • Cable connector type: 8 pin
  • With a 2 meter extension cable.
  • Built-in speaker of 2 watts.
  • 2 headphone jacks with built-in volume control buttons
  • There is a microphone control button for delegates.

  • Power Supply : DC24V Supplied by the Base Unit
  • Power Consumption : 3W
  • Loudspeaker Power : 2W
  • SNR : >80dB
  • Frequency Response : 50Hz-20kHz
  • Intercommunication : DIN 8-pole
  • Headphone Output : 9dBu, 8-32ohm, 3.5mm
  • Crosstalk Attenuation : >80dB
  • Harmonic Distortion : <0.1%
  • Operating Temperature : 0°C to 40°C at 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)