Sennheiser : XSW1-908 Sennheiser

Wireless Instrument System with e908 Gooseneck Microphone, Bodypack Transmitter, 1-button Scanning, and Synchronization - A Range (548-572MHz)
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Wireless Instrument System with e908 Gooseneck Microphone, Bodypack Transmitter, 1-button Scanning, and Synchronization - A Range (548-572MHz)

The Sennheiser XSW 1-908 bundles great sound and ease of use into a sleek wireless instrument system. A bodypack transmitter pairs with an e908 gooseneck microphone to provide you with an untethered onstage experience. Convenient features like one-button scanning and synchronization are housed in a streamlined receiver with built-in antennas. Intuitive icon-based indicators make operation a piece of cake. Use up to 10 systems simultaneously. The Sennheiser XSW 1-908 is a great wireless system for trumpets, saxophones, and more.

XS Wireless 1 systems deliver Sennheiser quality for less
Sennheiser XS Wireless 1 systems combine modern looks with great sound and ease of use. At Sweetwater, we appreciate that XS Wireless 1 systems can operate up to 10 channels simultaneously. And their wallet-friendly price allows first-time and budget-contained users to get their hands on genuine Sennheiser quality.

Ci1 instrument cable exhibits excellent performance
The Sennheiser XSW 1-908 includes their e908 gooseneck microphone. Clip the e908 onto your trumpet or saxophone, and enjoy an untethered onstage experience with lively, clear sound. Easily mounted and directed to the sound using a flexible boom and the clip supplied, the e908 can be positioned optimally at the sound source.

Sennheiser — exceptional sound quality and reliability
The Sennheiser name is synonymous with wired and wireless microphones, complete wireless systems, and studio-grade headphones. For example, guitarists worldwide know that the e609 and e906 dynamic microphones sound outstanding with pretty much any guitar amplifier, and their ruggedness makes them perfect for live use. The MD 421 dynamic mic is known by studio engineers to be a flexible solution for vocals, drums, amps and bass cabinets, with high SPL handling and excellent transient response. Onstage, artists know that when they're handed an e865, e935, e945 or other Sennheiser vocal microphone, they can expect studio-quality reproduction and excellent resistance to feedback. And in the world of wireless microphone systems, Sennheiser's evolution wireless systems give you the ability to set up many simultaneous wireless channels without interference.

  • Easy-to-use wireless instrument system with great sound
  • 1-button scanning and synchronization make setup easy
  • e908 gooseneck microphone provides an untethered onstage experience
  • Clips easily onto your trumpet or saxophone
  • Intuitive icon-based indicators for simple operation
  • Streamlined design offers a sleek, modern appearance
  • Internal diversity receiver antennas for a simplified look

  • Configuration:Complete instrument system
  • System: Simultaneous Channels:Up to 10
  • System: Analog/Digital:Analog
  • System: Frequency Range:548-572 MHz
  • System: Operating Range:Up to 250 ft. Line-of-sight
  • System: Channel Selection:Auto
  • System: Frequency Response:50Hz-16kHz
  • System: Microphone Included:Yes
  • Transmitter: Form Factor:Bodypack
  • Transmitter: Battery Type:2 x AA
  • Transmitter: Battery Life:Up to 10 hours
  • Transmitter: Connector:1/8"
  • Transmitter: Dimensions:2.79" x 3.77" x 1.1"
  • Transmitter: Weight:0.2 oz.
  • Microphone: Type:Condenser
  • Microphone: Polar Pattern:Cardioid
  • Microphone: Color:Black
  • Microphone: Connector:1/8"
  • Receiver: Antenna Type:Fixed
  • Receiver: Front Panel Display:Yes
  • Receiver: Type:Table Top
  • Receiver: Outputs:1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4"
  • Receiver: Power Source:12V DC power supply (included)
  • Receiver: Dimensions:7.87" x 1.65" x 5"
  • Receiver: Weight:0.75 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:507101