Solid State Logic : X-Rack Mic Pre Module Solid State Logic

1-channel Rackmountable Modular Mic Preamp for the SSL XRack
หมายเลขสินค้า : X-Rack Mic Pre Module

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1-channel Rackmountable Modular Mic Preamp for the SSL XRack

Transparent and Pure SSL Tone

Inheriting the pristine SuperAnalogue circuitry from SSL’s XL 9000K series, the SSL X-Rack Mic Amp puts the inimitable SSL sound in a convenient modular package. The familiar channel features selectable mic, line, and instrument inputs, a variable impedance control to accommodate a variety of instruments and microphones, 48V phantom power, pad switch, phase reverse, and independently switchable highpass and lowpass filters to cut unnecessary high- or low- frequency content while recording and get the most out of your recording system’s headroom. Designed for transparency, the X-Rack Mic Amp is a go-to pre for engineers at Sweetwater when they want to capture a pure, uncolored recording. As part of the SSL X-Rack system, the X-Rack Mic Amp can be paired with other X-Rack processors for a world-class signal chain. And, for added convenience, the X-Rack Mic Amp features SSL’s Total Recall system so that you can replicate your favorite settings with ease.

SuperAnalogue signal path delivers pristine audio

Audio systems are defined by their bottlenecks, such as dynamic range, noise floor, and true frequency response. In most systems, this occurs well before the digital stage, which offers 144dB of dynamic range (at 24-bit) and supports frequencies up to 96kHz (a full 76kHz above the threshold of human hearing). That isn't the case with SSL's SuperAnalogue DC-coupled circuitry design. Using top-of-the-line surface-mount manufacturing techniques, the signal path from any point to another in the X-Rack modules offers an extremely wide frequency range with a flat response, next to no distortion, and an almost unmeasurable noise floor. Even if you're recording at 24-bit/192kHz, these units will never be your sonic bottleneck.

Speed up your workflow with Total Recall

Solid State Logic revolutionized large-console formats with its Total Recall system, which allowed users to save and recall mix settings down to every switch, pot, and fader on a channel strip. X-Rack modules contain the most up-to-date version of the Total Recall technology. For artists and engineers using hybrid systems, this closes the gap between the efficient workflow you’re accustomed to within your DAW and the inimitable sound of analog gear. Just save your signature settings and dial them in session after session!

Solid State Logic: behind the legend

Established in 1969 by Colin Sanders, Solid State Logic initially manufactured FET switching systems for pipe organs. Sanders also owned a recording studio, for which he designed and built a console. More console designs followed, and by 1979, SSL found commercial success with the SL 4000 E Series desk, which would go on to transform the recording industry with its sonic quality and Total Recall automation. Descendants of the 4000 E — the SL 4000 G Series, 6000, 8000, 9000J, and 9000K — would dominate the professional music recording studio industry for two decades. In the mid-1980s, SSL’s 5000 Series film consoles replaced decades-old Quad-Eight boards on many Hollywood re-recording stages, introducing the film and television industry to console automation and a new level of audio fidelity. Today, SSL is still an innovator, carrying on its legacy with a range of gear designed for the modern hybrid studio.


  • Capacitor-less SuperAnalogue design from SSL’s XL 9000K series console
  • -5dB to +75dB gain control
  • Variable Impedance Control, Phantom Power, and Phase Reverse
  • Line Input, Level Control, and Front Panel Instrument Input
  • Independently switchable 12dB/octave lowpass filter and 18dB/octave highpass filter
  • Modular rackmount design to mix-and-match with other SSL X-Rack modules
  • Equipped with SSL Total Recall technology for a more efficient workflow
  • Note: Must be installed in an SSL X-Rack modular rack system chassis (sold separately)

  • Preamp Type:Solid State
  • Number of Channels:1
  • Phantom Power:Yes
  • EQ:Yes
  • Analog Inputs:1 x XLR (Mic), 1 x XLR (Line), 1 x 1/4 (Hi-Z)
  • Analog Outputs:1 x XLR
  • Frequency Response:20Hz-20kHz
  • Height:6.75"
  • Depth:7.9"
  • Width:1.4"
  • Weight:.59 lbs.