The LS C120D II delivers a white, easy-to-operate white color with a color temperature of 5500K.
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LED bulbs give white light (5500K), 25% brighter than traditional systems, resistant to 1000W tungsten light, comfortable, smooth skin color and energy saving

LS C120D II provides easy white output, white color with a color temperature of 5500K, can shoot still images or video with no color shift. Especially portraits That gives beautiful skin color And soft and realistic This model offers 25% brighter than previous models, 135,000 lux intensity, equivalent to 1000W tungsten light bulb, and consumes 180W as low as 180W with CRI / TLCI 96/97 for standard color matching for color reproduction. Crunchy


Automatic heat protection system With a built-in fan running quietly without noise

The built-in person will work when the LS C120D II's system heats up from operation, the cooling system will automatically work approximately, it will work with a quiet noise of only 18 dB. image That needs silence without noise

It is light weight, suitable for use both inside and outside the studio with BOWENS S-TYPE MOUNT to modify the LIGHT MODIFIER freely.

The LS C120D II is designed to be easy to operate. And convenient to move It is suitable for flexible work in video or movie shooting, and also has Bowens S-type to allow customization and compatibility with a wide variety of light modifiers with different shapes according to different operations.


Control the operation system from an international standard control panel and remote control.

The DMX512 control powder is widely used in the industrial production of movies, live broadcasts and network control systems. So be assured that Standard operation system Both controls and adjust the brightness easily. Both control powder And work through the wireless remote control system That can be controlled more than 100 meters


It can be adjusted to work in a wide variety of angles, rotates more than 330 degrees and the handle is comfortable.

With turning freely This makes it possible to adjust it to any position according to your needs and has a built-in handgrip for better handling. And control the positioning of the lights comfortably


  • Giving white (light intensity 5500K) suitable for all types of work. Both still photography Take a photo in the studio And filming a movie
  • Control the humidity with CRI / TLCI: 96/97
  • Automatic heat control, built-in fan Quiet operation, no noise, only 18 decibels
  • The DMX Wired Controller Box control panel and construction are made of rigid aluminum to aerospace grade standards. Making it lightweight, only 2.1 kg, easy to move
  • Adjust the rotation direction over 330 degrees.
  • Long-distance control with a remote control over 100 meters.
  • V-mount battery plate for free operation without being connected to electricity.
  • Various lighting effects Can be adapted for many applications such as fireworks, blue lights, flashing lights on the TV screen, flash flickering lamps.

  • 5500K Daylight Color Temperature
  • CRI/TLCI: 96/97
  • 18 dB Quiet Fan, Onboard DMX
  • Wired Controller Box
  • Wireless Remote with 328' Range
  • V-Mount Battery Plate
  • Built-In Handle
  • Includes Dedicated Carrying Bag