APUTURE : Light Dome mini APUTURE

Aputure Light Dome Mini II for Aputure 120D Mark 2 300D 120D 120T, 35 Inch Deep
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Aputure Light Dome Mini II Overview
Designed for light weight and portability, the 27" Light Dome
Mini is compatible with the Aputure Light Storm 120 and 300 Series
LED lights, and in fact, any LED light with a Bowens front accessory mount.
The sturdily built modifier has 16 heat-resistant rods, which form a virtual
circle that yields wide coverage and pleasing, natural-looking catchlights in the
eyes of your subject, while maximizing output with its reflective silver interior.
To provide further control, Aputure includes a 37.8-degree fabric grid, which
eliminates spill light but most importantly, gives you directional control of the
soft source for selective lighting or dramatic effects.

  • Shallow dome design ideal for smaller studios and tight shooting space;
  • Full silver coating intensifies output strength for more control over light source;
  • Unique dual diffuser design ensures even distribution of the light across the entire field;
  • Medium-sized 21.5” outer diffuser beam makes a soft and flattering light for smaller subjects;
  • Beautiful smooth streamline of round-shaped hexadecagon light output for ideal catchlight;
  • Re-designed 16 rods of wear-resistant hadfield steel construction for one-person fast setup;
  • Bundled with honeycomb grid add-on help control light spill spread by 40 degrees;
  • Bundled with a gel holder for filmmaker to design light colours.

  • Interior Silver
  • Requires Speed Ring Yes, Included
  • Accepts Grids Yes
  • Removable Front Face Yes
  • Circular Dimensions ø: 21.5" / ø: 54.6 cm (Open)
  • Packaging Info
  • Package Weight 5.2 lb
  • Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 19.5 x 9 x 8.5"