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8-slot 500 Series Chassis with Balanced TT/Bantam Patchbay and On Slot Technology
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8-slot 500 Series Chassis with Balanced TT/Bantam Patchbay and On Slot Technology

Black Lion's Patchbay-equipped 500 Series Rack

Equipped with a fully balanced TT/Bantam patchbay, Black Lion Audio's PBR-8 is an 8-slot 500 Series chassis with unlimited routing options for quickly dialing in sounds without your modules having to be mounted in any particular order. With the PBR-8, you can easily audition a signal chain, re-route it, split it via one of the patchbay mults, send it to modules in another rack, route it back, then output it — all from the PBR-8's front panel.

Clean, isolated power with plenty of current

Sweetwater knows that power is the backbone of your entire 500 Series rig, and it can determine how well everything performs. That's why Black Lion leverages Heritage Audio's On Slot Technology to ensure that clean, isolated power with plenty of current is delivered to each of the PBR-8's eight slots. You can rest assured that your modules won't interfere with each other, and if one should happen to misbehave, its slot's regulators will go into "protection mode" without affecting any of your other modules.

About Black Lion Audio

Founded in Chicago in 2006, Black Lion Audio has made their mark on the audio industry by hot rodding audio equipment and upgrading the sound quality of popular music production gear, elevating industry-standard products to new levels of sonic quality. Though they started off modding gear from other manufacturers, they've utilized their cumulative expertise to design their own line of boutique mic preamps and word clocks. BLA gear and modded gear can be found in studios from LA to New York to Nashville and heard on projects from artists like Maroon 5, Alison Krauss, Metallica, T-Pain, George Strait, MGMT, Beyonce, George Duke, Slayer, Erykah Badu, Rod Stewart, and more.


  • 500 Series chassis with fully balanced TT/Bantam patchbay
  • Heritage Audio On Slot Technology ensures clean, isolated power with plenty of current for each slot
  • Maximum audio rails current: 1.8A per rail, or 400mA per rail per slot, whatever is reached first
  • Maximum phantom power current: 140mA
  • Operating voltage: 100–240VAC
  • Gold-plated XLR I/O

  • Number of Slots:8
  • I/O Connections:8 x XLR (in), 8 x XLR (out), 1 x DB-25 (in), 1 x DB-25 (out), TT/Bantam patchbay
  • Module Power:16V DC 400mA per slot (1.6A per rail, 1.8A noncontinuous), +48V DC 140mA
  • Power Supply:100-240 VAC operating voltage
  • Height:5.25"
  • Width:19"
  • Depth:12.9"
  • Manufacturer Part Number:PBR8