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Looking for a classy speaker set-up for your hi-fi? The elegance of the iFi LS3.5‘s speaks volumes. Set-up, sit-down and relax.
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Looking for a classy speaker set-up for your hi-fi?.The elegance of the iFi LS3.5‘s speaks volumes. Set-up, sit-down and relax.

Retro LS3.5 เป็นลำโพงขนาดเล็ก 2 ทาง 2 ตัวขับเสียง ตัวตู้ลำโพงทำจากไม้แบมบู (Natural Bamboo) สำหรับไดรเวอร์ที่ใช้ในลำโพงรุ่นนี้ทาง iFi ระบุว่าเป็นไดรเวอร์ที่ถูกออกแบบขึ้นมาโดยเฉพาะ เป็นทวีตเตอร์โดมผ้าไหมขนาด 1.1 นิ้ว มิดเบสกรวยกระดาษเคลือบขนาด 4.5 นิ้ว ช่วงความถี่ตอบสนองตั้งแต่ 59Hz – 20kHz ความไว 90dB อิมพิแดนซ์เฉลี่ย 4 โอห์ม น้ำหนักลำโพงทั้งตัวหนักข้างละ 3.5 กิโลกรัม

Ideal companions
Our LS3.5 bookshelf speakers make ideal companions for any set-up.
And with their matching bamboo cabinet and design inspired by the classic LS3/5A monitors made famous by the BBC – they certainly look the business with the Retro Stereo 50.
Organic audio
The LS3.5 speakers are made from bamboo, not just because it gives them a timeless elegance, but also because organic products rock. Literally!
Bamboo removes distortion and is a natural sound absorber. The LS3.5s produce a cleaner, more natural sound.
Pure sound
The classy look of the LS3.5s is complemented with some natural internal additions.
We’ve added a silk dome tweeter and a paper cone driver to bring you pure sound.
And the LS3.5s are time-aligned to ensure the sound waves from each speaker reach your ears at the same time.
Sonics and sustainability.
Developed in-house, the LS3.5 has a deep, wide and open sonic signature with spine-tingling tonality, that we know you’ll love.

Features : 

  • Wideband driver is made of the coated natural paper for quick response and better efficiency
  • Tweeter is made of transparent organic silk and horn-loaded to create a coherent image with the wideband driver
  • Cabinet is made from natural sustainable bamboo
  • Cabinet is an advanced multi-chamber P.G.A.H Voigt tuned enclosure with a low turbulence port to reduce port noise at high levels
  • Each cabinet is tuned using tuning elements (sound bar and braces) from musical instrument manufacturing
  • Time-aligned tweeter and wideband driver
  • Advanced amino-plastic open cell acoustic foam for bass performance and a clean midrange
  • Maximum surface contact gold-plated copper speaker terminals

Sensitivity: 90dB/2.83V/1m
Freq response: 60Hz – 20KHz
Drivers: 4.5″ (115mm) Paper Cone Wideband Driver
  1.1″ (28mm) Silk Dome Tweeter
Crossover: 10KHz acoustic crossover
  no electrical crossover on Wideband Driver
  Frst Order High-Pass on Tweeter
Enclosure Principle: Transmission-Line port
  Solid Bamboo Enclosure
  Acoustic Active Tuning with minimal damping
Size: 146 x 268 x 226mm (W x H x D)