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Made for every day — and everyone.
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Made for every day — and everyone.
Bose Smart Soundbar 300 เป็นซาวด์บาร์อัจฉริยะที่มาพร้อมกับการให้เสียงที่กว้างขวาง, ให้บทสนทนามีความชัดเจน และ ให้เสียงเบสที่หนักแน่น สำหรับภาพยนตร์, เพลง และ เกมของคุณ ตัวอะคูสติกได้รับการออกแบบมาเป็นพิเศษ ทำให้ซาวด์บาร์ตัวนี้มีความโฉบเฉี่ยวและสวยงามในเวลาเดียวกัน อีกทั้งยังมี Voice Assistants และ เทคโนโลยี Voice4Video™ ที่เป็นเอกสิทธิ์เฉพาะของ Bose ซึ่งมันจะช่วยให้คุณใช้งานได้รวดเร็ว, ง่าย และสะดวกมากยิ่งขึ้นด้วยการใช้คำสั่งเพียงคำสั่งเดียว
The Bose Smart Soundbar 300 delivers spacious sound, clear dialogue, and rich bass for your movies, music, and games. The acoustic architecture is specially designed to keep this soundbar sleek and elegant. With built-in voice assistants and exclusive Bose Voice4Video™ technology, what typically takes several steps can now be done with one simple voice command. It’s fast, simple, and easy enough for everyone to enjoy.
Say it. Watch it.
Exclusive Bose Voice4Video™ technology expands your Alexa voice capabilities like no other soundbar can. In addition to controlling your Bose Smart Soundbar 300, you can control your TV and your external cable or satellite box with just your voice. No remote. No buttons. No nothing. Turn on your TV and jump to your favorite station all with one simple ask of Alexa. Even your tech-troubled guests or gameday partygoers will feel like experts. Just say, “Alexa, watch NFL Network,” to start watching instantly. It’s the fastest way to watch what you love with who you love. And you can even make or take calls to Bose smart products, Amazon Echo products, and anyone in your contacts list. Hands free, phone free, and free of charge.
Private — or party — listening
Bose SimpleSync™ technology allows you to pair your Bose Smart Soundbar 300 with compatible Bose products. Want to watch TV but not disturb anyone else? Pair your soundbar with select Bose headphones for a personal TV listening experience. Want to listen to the same music in different rooms at the same time? Pair your soundbar with a select Bose Bluetooth speaker to add more sound around the house.
Music. Any way you want it.
When it comes to what you want to hear, you have so many options. With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2, and Spotify Connect compatibility, you can wirelessly stream whatever you want, however you want. Browse your favorite music services or play anything from your phone or tablet. If you can get it on your device, you can hear it through the Bose Smart Soundbar 300. Music services may vary.
Easy to set up. Easy to use.
The Bose Smart Soundbar 300 uses a single connection to your TV via an optical audio cable (included) or an HDMI cable (sold separately). Simply connect the soundbar to your TV, hook it up to power, and turn it on. Then download the Bose Music app to complete your setup, connect to your Wi-Fi, and choose your voice assistant.
Take control of your listening experience
With the Bose Music app, you can easily set up your soundbar, choose your voice assistant, and browse through all your music in one place, seamlessly jumping between stations, playlists, and services without ever leaving the app. Plus, it’s another simple way to control the Bose Smart Soundbar 300 or group together your compatible smart home products. Setting up presets with the app is easy, so the music you love is just one touch away. And multiple users can personalize their experience and content.

Features :
  • Real-time tuning: Custom software automatically analyzes what's playing - movies, music, shows, or games - and fine tunes the sound to optimize your listening experience
  • Build-in voice assistants: With Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you can comtrol your entertainment, manage your day, get infomation, and with Alexa only, you can even make or take calls.
  • Acoustic performance: Four full-range driver work together to separate and direct sounds left and right to deliver spacious, enveloping sound while the center tweeter clarifies speech for clear dialogue.
  • SimpleSync pairing: Pair your soundbar with select Bose headphones for individual listening levels or with select Bose Bluetooth speakers for dual-speaker music listening.
  • Clear voice pickup: A noise-rejecting mic system listens in every direction for your command - even if the soundbar's playing loudly.Or you can disable listening anytime eith the mic-off button
  • Sleek size: At just over 2" tall, the Bose Smart Soundbar 300 is designed to sit low in front of your TV for an unobtrusive view of the screen. Wall mount available.
  • QuietPort technology: Precisely Placed micro-screens virtually eliminate distortion for cleaner, smoother bass
  • Voice4Video technology: Exclusive Bose technology expands your Alexa voice capabilities to combine several step into one. With one command, jump right to your favorite TV shows - instantly.
What’s in the box :
  • Bose Smart Soundbar 300
  • Remote control (battery included)
  • Power cord
  • Optical cable
  • Quick start guide

Dimensions / Weight :
  • Speaker:2¼" H x 27½" W x 4" D (7 lb)
  • Remote control:4.1" H x 1.6" W x 0.5" D (0.1 lb)
  • Power cord:5 ft
  • Optical cable:5 ft
Materials :
  • Body: Premium plastics
  • Front: Metal grille
Bluetooth :
  • Bluetooth range: Up to 30 ft (9 m)
  • Bluetooth version: 4.2
Inputs :
  • HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel)
  • Optical in
  • Bass Module connection
  • Power input
Colors :
  • Bose Black
Controls :
  • Remote: Power, TV source, volume, mute, Bluetooth, bass, Dialogue Mode

Quick start guide :
Owner's guide :